Did you know? UX writing is a six-figure job

If you work in UX design, then you should be familiar with UX Writing. If you’re a writer in tech, then you need to be. Every big company — seriously, all of them — is building UX writing teams. With the demand for UX writers growing exponentially writers need to understand what the market looks like — and what that means in terms of compensation.
This is precisely why the team of UX Writing Hub surveyed their global community of 440 UX writers from 25 countries. Turns out UX writing is a six-figure job — and UX writers have many different job titles.

UX Writing is the art of crafting the text that lives inside of digital interfaces and products.
With the endless amount of apps and digital products being created for every service you can imagine, a product’s success depends on the quality of its UX — design and writing. We’re talking about writing a text on clickable buttons, making error messages simple, creating clear menus, and making sure that your flow doesn’t stop short.

Fun Fact: So, what’s the difference between copywriting and UX writing?💡

  • UX writing is based on UX Principles, not just voice and tone or style guides.



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Iroshan De Zilva

I work as a User Interface & User Experience designer creating thoughtful experiences with the combination of design and development