Another year, another UI trend is becoming increasingly popular among designers. Do you know it yet?

Frosted glass ui-02 by HeiMaUX

If you like to keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest web design trends, you’ve probably already heard of Glassmorphism. Eye-catching and colorful, this trend favors transparency and multi-layered approaches. Designed to resemble milky glass surfaces, it has caught a lot of attention.

What is Glassmorphism?

There is a new kid on the block (or should we say returning to the block) that is rapidly gaining popularity. Vividly colored backgrounds, frosted-glass effects, and seemingly translucent objects floating in space, the UI trend appropriately dubbed ‘Glassmorphism’ pushes and bends boundaries. And we can’t wait to explore it with you!

is a term used to describe UI design that emphasizes light or dark objects, placed on top of colorful backgrounds. A background blur is placed on the objects which allow the background to shine through — giving it the impression of frosted glass. Glassmorphism can be incorporated in three easy steps:

  • Picking the right layers
  • Make it look glass-like
  • Give it dimension

Why is Glassmorphism so Popular?

Glassmorphism is a modern UI design trend that’s steadily been growing in popularity all over. Commonly being utilized in web and app design, it’s quickly becoming mainstream. But it isn’t necessarily a brand new idea. The style is heavily influenced by similar concepts that have been first introduced by Apple in 2013 with iOS 7. It re-emerged when Apple brought back the effect with its latest update, MAC OS Big Sur in November 2020.

As design experts, we constantly need to explore new trends and creative ways of making products. In many cases and when used wisely, Glassmorphism can make websites and apps look more attractive to users. This is, if we can ensure a high user interface accessibility so that even those with visual problems can navigate and understand it easily. There is no strict rule book to follow when it comes to UI design and some of the best and most user-friendly websites are developed by creatives who play around with their designs. Remember that this is a trend, and most likely, this too shall pass.



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Iroshan De Zilva

I work as a User Interface & User Experience designer creating thoughtful experiences with the combination of design and development